TAP families

This is a list of all TAPs covered by the TAPscan web page. Clicking them will lead you to a list of species in which these TAP families occur. The number of proteins containing the respective TAP is written in brackets after its name.

The colour code corresponds to TAP classes:

Transcriptional regulation is carried out by transcription associated proteins (TAPs), comprising transcription factors (TFs, binding in sequence-specific manner to cis-regulatory elements to enhance or repress transcription), transcriptional regulators (TRs, acting as part of the transcription core complex, via unspecific binding, protein-protein interaction or chromatin modification) and putative TAPs (PTs), the role of which needs to be determined.
transcription factor (TF)
transcriptional regulator (TR)
putative TAP (PT)
ABI3/VP1 (5231)Alfin-like (1127)AP2/EREBP (14500)ARF (2277)Argonaute (1102)ARID (1131)
AS2/LOB (4182)Aux/IAA (2821)BBR/BPC (556)BES1 (814)bHLH (12299)bHLH_TCP (2210)
bHSHBSD domain containing (939)bZIP (6936)C2C2_CO-like (835)C2C2_Dof (3126)C2C2_GATA (2461)
C2C2_YABBY (717)C2H2 (10535)C3H (5327)CAMTA (493)CCAAT_Dr1 (1418)CCAAT_HAP2 (NF-YA) (981)
CCAAT_HAP3 (NF-YB) (153)CCAAT_HAP5 (NF-YC) (1202)Coactivator p15 (306)CPP (756)CSD (457)CudA
DBP (411)DDT (670)Dicer (134)DUF246 domain containing/O-FucT (4510)DUF296 domain containing (2938)DUF547 domain containing (1577)
DUF632 domain containing (1530)DUF833 domain containing/TANGO2 (298)E2F/DP (933)EIL (502)FHA (1969)GARP_ARR-B (1099)
GARP_G2-like (4328)GeBP (927)GIF (330)GNAT (4283)GRAS (4567)GRF (903)
HD (1612)HD-Zip_I_II (2174)HD-Zip_III (465)HD-Zip_IV (1141)HD_BEL (975)HD_DDT (189)
HD_KNOX1 (428)HD_KNOX2 (326)HD_PHD (181)HD_PINTOX (88)HD_PLINC (1448)HD_WOX (1297)
HMG (1211)HRT (158)HSF (2368)IWS1 (1102)Jumonji_Other (1747)Jumonji_PKDM7 (226)
LFY (115)LIM (672)LUG (388)MADS (4641)MADS_MIKC (3014)MBF1 (342)
Med6 (160)Med7 (162)mTERF (2889)MYB-related (8097)MYB (12144)NAC (10148)
NZZ (45)OFP (1840)PcG_EZ (209)PcG_FIE (140)PcG_MSI (571)PcG_VEFS (251)
PHD (3554)PLATZ (1339)Pseudo ARR-B (478)RB (207)Rcd1-like (336)Rel
RF-X (3)RRN3 (183)RuntRWP-RK (1418)S1Fa-like (183)SAP (81)
SBP (2020)SET (4869)Sigma70-like (634)Sin3 (777)Sir2 (391)SOH1 (153)
SRS (650)SWI/SNF_BAF60b (1597)SWI/SNF_SNF2 (4549)SWI/SNF_SWI3 (443)TAZ (766)TEA
TFb2 (183)tify (2065)TRAF (6355)Trihelix (3032)TUB (1237)ULT (157)
VARL (28)VOZ (208)Whirly (239)WRKY (7603)Zinc finger, AN1 and A20 type (1311)Zinc finger, MIZ type (395)
Zinc finger, ZPR1 (184)Zn_clus (11)