About TAPscan

The TAPscan (v1) tool was published 2010 (Lang et al. in GBE). It combined the rule sets of three previous resources, PlanTAPDB (Richardt et al. 2007 Plant Physiol), PlantTFDB (Guo et al. 2008 NAR) and PlnTFDB (Riano-Pachon et al. 2009 NAR). The TAPscan (v2) web interface makes the genome-wide annotation of TAPs available for the community. TAPscan V2 was published in 2017 (Wilhelmsson et al. GBE).

Transcriptional regulation is carried out by transcription associated proteins (TAPs), comprising transcription factors (TFs, binding in sequence-specific manner to cis-regulatory elements to enhance or repress transcription), transcriptional regulators (TRs, acting as part of the transcription core complex, via unspecific binding, protein-protein interaction or chromatin modification) and putative TAPs (PTs), the role of which needs to be determined.

Protein names (e.g. in download and phylogenetic trees) are extended by a (typically five) letter code abbreviating the species, e.g. ORYSA = ORYza SAtiva. Please see this table for the alphabetically sorted codes.