TAPscan V3 is out! Data of 10 red algae (Download List) were added. The publication in Genes also describes the refinement of several TAP families in terms of enhanced sensitivity for algae. In addition, data derived from genomes meanwhile published have been released (Download List).


The data derived from the genome of Chara braunii are released after publication in Cell.


The data derived from the genomes of Azolla filiculoides and Salvinia cucullata are released after publication in Nature Plants.


TAPscan and PLAZA now cross link to each other on the level of individual proteins. When looking at a TAPscan protein sequence, please follow the "Search for the protein on PLAZA" link to access the protein in PLAZA.


TAPscan was published December 2017, please cite: TAPscan - Comprehensive genome-wide classification reveals that many plant-specific transcription factors evolved in streptophyte algae. Wilhelmsson P.K., Mühlich C., Ullrich K.K., Rensing S.A. (2017) Genome Biology and Evolution, evx258