Gramzow, L; Theissen, G. 2010. A hitchhiker's guide to the MADS world of plants. Genome Biol. 11(6):214 PubMed


Class: TF
Number of species containing the TAP: 102
Number of available proteins: 3014

The colour code corresponds to the rules for the domains:

should be contained
should not be contained

Domain rules:

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Phylogenetic tree for Archeaplastida:

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TAP distribution:

The following table shows the distribution of MADS_MIKC over all species included in TAPscan. The values for e.g. a specific kingdom are shown in the tree below if you expand the tree for that kingdom.

Minimum Maximum Average Median Standard deviation

List of species containing MADS_MIKC sorted by kingdomcladesupergrouporderfamily:

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expand kingdom Archaeplastida (3215 proteins in 102 species)