Hilger-Eversheim et al. (2000): Animal AP-2 transcription factors represent a family of three closely related and evolutionarily conserved sequence-specific DNA-binding proteins, AP-2α, -β and -γ.


1) Lang, D; Weiche, B; Timmerhaus, G; Richardt, S; Riano-Pachon, DM; Correa, LG; Reski, R; Mueller-Roeber, B; Rensing, SA. 2010. Genome-wide phylogenetic comparative analysis of plant transcriptional regulation: a timeline of loss, gain, expansion, and correlation with complexity. Genome Biol Evol. 2: 488-503 PubMed
2) Hilger-Eversheim, K; Moser, M; Schorle, H; Buettner, R. 2000. Regulatory roles of AP-2 transcription factors in vertebrate development, apoptosis and cell-cycle control. Gene 260(1-2):1-12 PubMed


Name: bHSH
Class: TF
Number of species containing the TAP: 0; it was not found in Archaeplastida

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