TAP TUB in Marchantia polymorpha

Full lineage¹: cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Marchantiophyta; Marchantiopsida; Marchantiidae; Marchantiales; Marchantiaceae; Marchantia

Protein source: Phytozome (proteins from primary transcripts)

The colour code corresponds to the rules for the domains:

should be contained
should not be contained

Domain rules

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Mapoly0007s0208.1.ppacid=33022179 transcript=Mapoly0007s0208.1 locus=Mapoly0007s0208 ID=Mapoly0007s0208.1.v3.1 annot-version=v3.1
Mapoly0052s0040.1.ppacid=33026760 transcript=Mapoly0052s0040.1 locus=Mapoly0052s0040 ID=Mapoly0052s0040.1.v3.1 annot-version=v3.1
Mapoly0059s0102.1.ppacid=33006576 transcript=Mapoly0059s0102.1 locus=Mapoly0059s0102 ID=Mapoly0059s0102.1.v3.1 annot-version=v3.1
Mapoly0079s0049.1.ppacid=33012225 transcript=Mapoly0079s0049.1 locus=Mapoly0079s0049 ID=Mapoly0079s0049.1.v3.1 annot-version=v3.1
Mapoly0170s0003.1.ppacid=33016212 transcript=Mapoly0170s0003.1 locus=Mapoly0170s0003 ID=Mapoly0170s0003.1.v3.1 annot-version=v3.1
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A list of species letter codes included in the protein names can be found here (opens in new tab).

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¹ Information recieved using NCBI E-utilities and NCBI taxonomy database.