Physcomitrella patens

Full lineage¹: cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Bryophyta; Bryophytina; Bryopsida; Funariidae; Funariales; Funariaceae; Physcomitrium

TAP list

This is a list of all TAPs present in Physcomitrella patens. Clicking them will lead you to a list of proteins containing the respective TAP. The number of proteins is written in brackets after the TAP. There is no number if there are only isoform proteins for that TAP.

The colour code corresponds to TAP classes:

transcription factor (TF)
transcriptional regulator (TR)
putative TAP (PT)
ABI3/VP1 (39)AP2/EREBP (150)ARF (14)ARID (5)AS2/LOB (33)Alfin-like (16)
Argonaute (7)Aux/IAA (5)BBR/BPC (1)BES1 (6)BSD domain containing (9)C2C2_CO-like (15)
C2C2_Dof (23)C2C2_GATA (11)C2H2 (73)C3H (38)CAMTA (3)CCAAT_Dr1 (7)
CCAAT_HAP2 (NF-YA) (2)CCAAT_HAP3 (NF-YB) (1)CCAAT_HAP5 (NF-YC) (13)CPP (4)CSD (5)Coactivator p15 (2)
DBPDDT (12)DUF246 domain containing/O-FucT (32)DUF296 domain containing (13)DUF547 domain containing (13)DUF632 domain containing (5)
DUF833 domain containing/TANGO2 (1)DicerE2F/DP (10)EIL (2)FHA (15)GARP_ARR-B (5)
GARP_G2-like (49)GIF (4)GNAT (79)GRAS (36)GRF (2)GeBP (2)
HD (10)HD-Zip_III (3)HD-Zip_IV (6)HD-Zip_I_II (20)HD_BEL (2)HD_DDT (2)
HMG (10)HRT (6)HSF (6)IWS1 (7)Jumonji_Other (12)Jumonji_PKDM7 (1)
LFY (2)LIM (2)LUG (6)MADS (8)MADS_MIKC (13)MBF1 (3)
MYB (62)MYB-related (50)Med6 (2)Med7 (1)NAC (31)OFP (11)
PHD (34)PLATZ (14)PcG_EZ (1)PcG_FIE (1)PcG_MSI (2)PcG_VEFS (3)
Pseudo ARR-B (4)RB (4)RRN3 (3)RWP-RK (13)Rcd1-like (2)S1Fa-like (2)
SBP (13)SET (39)SOH1 (2)SRS (2)SWI/SNF_BAF60b (9)SWI/SNF_SNF2 (41)
SWI/SNF_SWI3 (8)Sigma70-like (11)Sin3 (5)Sir2 (5)TAZ (3)TFb2 (1)
TRAF (65)TUB (8)Trihelix (43)VOZ (2)WRKY (38)Zinc finger, AN1 and A20 type (8)
Zinc finger, MIZ type (6)Zinc finger, ZPR1 (2)bHLH (96)bHLH_TCP (6)bZIP (47)mTERF (12)
tify (14)

¹ Information recieved using NCBI E-utilities and NCBI taxonomy database.