Zinc finger, ZPR1


PFAM: The zinc-finger protein ZPR1 is localised to the cytoplasm in quiescent cells; in proliferating cells treated with EGF or with other mitogens it accumulates in the nucleolus. Upon stimulation by EGF, ZPR1 directly binds the eukaryotic translation elongation factor-1alpha (eEF-1alpha) to form ZPR1/eEF-1alpha complexes. These move into the nucleus, localising particularly at the nucleolus. ZPR1 is thought to be involved in pre-ribosomal RNA expression. The ZPR1 domain consists of an elongation initiation factor 2-like zinc finger and a double-stranded beta helix with a helical hairpin insertion.


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Name: Zinc finger, ZPR1
Class: TR
Number of species containing the TAP: 122
Number of available proteins: 184

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