TAP WRKY in Physcomitrella patens

Full lineage¹: cellular organisms; Eukaryota; Viridiplantae; Streptophyta; Streptophytina; Embryophyta; Bryophyta; Bryophytina; Bryopsida; Funariidae; Funariales; Funariaceae; Physcomitrium

Protein source: Phytozome 11

The colour code corresponds to the rules for the domains:

should be contained
should not be contained

Domain rules

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List of proteins (38)

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Pp3c11_14240V3.1major isoform
Pp3c11_1790V3.1major isoform
Pp3c11_1840V3.1major isoform
Pp3c12_4260V3.1major isoform
Pp3c13_10830V3.1major isoform
Pp3c13_15520V3.1major isoform
Pp3c14_11320V3.1major isoform
Pp3c14_17020V3.1major isoform
Pp3c17_19970V3.1major isoform
Pp3c19_3000V3.1major isoform
Pp3c1_40230V3.1major isoform
Pp3c20_12200V3.1major isoform
Pp3c21_11270V3.1major isoform
Pp3c22_12880V3.1major isoform
Pp3c23_10680V3.1major isoform
Pp3c24_7120V3.1major isoform
Pp3c26_5090V3.1major isoform
Pp3c26_5095V3.1major isoform
Pp3c27_600V3.1major isoform
Pp3c2_23590V3.1major isoform
Pp3c2_2510V3.1major isoform
Pp3c2_32150V3.1major isoform
Pp3c2_32160V3.1major isoform
Pp3c2_9700V3.1major isoform
Pp3c3_15040V3.1major isoform
Pp3c3_21440V3.1major isoform
Pp3c3_27940V3.1major isoform
Pp3c3_32860V3.1major isoform
Pp3c3_8830V3.1major isoform
Pp3c4_15559V3.1major isoform
Pp3c4_26880V3.1major isoform
Pp3c5_12130V3.1major isoform
Pp3c6_14470V3.1major isoform
Pp3c7_18860V3.1major isoform
Pp3c7_24490V3.1major isoform
Pp3c7_7550V3.1major isoform
Pp3c8_4400V3.1major isoform
Pp3c8_5110V3.1major isoform
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A list of species letter codes included in the protein names can be found here (opens in new tab).

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¹ Information recieved using NCBI E-utilities and NCBI taxonomy database.